Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Delivery System

  • What is the Precision Delivery System?

    The Precision Delivery System (PDS) is a brand new, innovative, hand-held microduster, designed to deliver precise amounts of dry flowable formulation into voids, cracks, and crevices. It allows PMPs to work quickly, accurately and precisely in their dry flowable bait applications potentially saving money and labor cost that effect the bottom line.
  • Can I use other products in my PDS such as dusts?

    No. Use of other products in the PDS will cause the unit to clog and stop functioning. Do not use insecticides other than Doxem® Precise in the PDS.
  • Does the PDS always deliver Doxem® Precise consistently?

    The PDS will deliver bait very consistently until the cartridge is almost empty. When the container nears empty, output may decrease depending upon many factors. When this occurs, simply use a new/full cartridge and recover any leftover bait into the new cartridge.
  • Is the PDS metered/automatic?

    No. The PDS puts out bait based on how long the trigger is actuated by a technician. See Doxem chart.
  • What type of battery does the PDS use? How do I change it?

    The PDS uses a standard 9 V battery. Please refer to our startup guide and/or instructional video (in business resources) on how to change the battery for more information.
  • Should I remove the cartridge from the PDS when I am finished using it for the day?

    Yes. If you are finished using the PDS for the day, remove the cartridge and store it in the provided pouch.
  • Can the PDS be used while upside-down?

    No. The PDS is, essentially, a duster, and like most dusters it does not function properly when actuated in the upside-down position.
  • What if my PDS doesn’t work?

    Please Contact Us and we will be in touch shortly!

Doxem® Precise

  • What is Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise is the first Bait Solution to be introduced by Control Solutions, Inc. featuring the Precision Delivery System, Doxem® Precise is revolutionizing professional cockroach control.
  • Where can I use Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise is labeled for use indoors, outdoors and food handling areas. It has extensive instructions on indoor and outdoor cockroach management.
  • Can I use other products in my PDS such as dusts?

    No. Use of other products in the PDS will cause the unit to clog and stop functioning. Do not use insecticides other than Doxem® Precise in the PDS.
  • How long does it take for Doxem® Precise to become effective after I’ve applied it?

    Doxem® Precise typically takes about 3 days to begin to see results. This is due to the slow acting feature of indoxacarb, the active ingredient in Doxem® Precise.
  • How long does Doxem® Precise last?

    Doxem® Precise lasts for more than 1 year.
  • What other insects are controlled with Doxem® Precise?

    Other than all species of cockroaches, Doxem® Precise also controls ants (excluding fire, pharaoh, harvester, and carpenter ants), booklice, carpet beetles, crickets, drugstore beetles, grain weevils, and silverfish.
  • Does Doxem® Precise provide residual control? How often should Doxem® Precise be applied?

    Yes! Doxem® Precise can provide more than 12 months of cockroach control with a single application. Reapply Doxem® Precise as needed or when infestations are heavy.
  • How do I apply Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise is designed to be applied with the Precision Delivery System (PDS) only.
  • What is the active ingredient in Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise contains 0.6% Indoxacarb.
  • What is the mode of action (MOA) in Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise contains 0.6% Indoxacarb. Indoxacarb is designated by the EPA to be a “reduced-risk” pesticide and belongs to the family of chemicals known as oxadiazines. These work by stopping sodium ions from entering nerve cells. This causes paralysis and ultimately death. Insects affected by indoxacarb will stop feeding and show lack of coordination or paralysis.
  • What kind of formulation is Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise is a dry flowable bait formulation.
  • Where can I buy Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise is only available to licensed Pest Management Professionals, Please contact your distributor today!
  • What safety equipment is needed when spraying Doxem® Precise?

    No PPE is required!
  • How long will Doxem® Precise control cockroaches?

    Doxem® Precise is designed to provide cockroach management for up to 2 years.
  • Is there a particular species or life stage of cockroaches that Doxem® Precise is most effective against?

    No. Doxem® Precise is effective against all species and all stages of cockroaches.
  • How does Doxem® Precise control pests?

    Doxem® Precise controls cockroaches and other pests in 2 ways. First, it is an attractive and palatable bait that the pests are encouraged to eat. Secondly, as the material is applied much like an insecticide dust, pests encounter the material in their normal activities and Doxem® Precise will adhere to their exoskeleton where it is then ingested during the grooming process.
  • What trials have been done to demonstrate the effectiveness of Doxem® Precise?

    Doxem® Precise has been tested and proven to be effective in studies conducted at independent labs and universities. For more information visit our website!
  • Can Doxem® Precise be used in “sensitive accounts”?

    Yes. Doxem® Precise is perfectly suited to use in sensitive accounts such as schools, day cares, nursing facilities and hospitals. Apply Doxem® into cracks, crevices and voids for pest management.
  • Is Doxem® Precise ok to use in humid environments?

    Yes! Doxem® Precise has been extensively tested and proven to be effective in extremely humid environments, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Is Doxem® Precise a standalone product? Can it be used in conjunction with products like gel baits?

    Doxem® Precise was designed to be part of an integrated approach to pest management. It is compatible with many products, application techniques and methods of control.
  • Do I need a special application tool to apply Doxem® Precise?

    Yes! Only apply Doxem® Precise with the Precision Delivery System.
  • Can I use other dry flowable products or dust materials in the PDS?

    No. The PDS is not compatible with other dry formulations or dusts. The formulation of Doxem® Precise is specially designed for the PDS. Other materials will break the PDS.
  • Does Doxem® Precise have an expiration date? Where do I find the expiration date?

    No. CSI does not issue expiration dates for Doxem® Precise. We expect the product to last and be effective for up to 5 years. We also recommend you store the bait in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.