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Precision Delivery System Starter Kit

The Precision Delivery System Starter Kit

The Precision Delivery System (PDS) is a patent-pending application tool for applying dry flowable formulations. At its core, it is a microdustor, capable of applying very small quantities of dry flowable materials deep into cracks and crevices.


  • Precision Delivery System
  • CSI dry flowable product
  • Durable and convenient holster
  • Applicator straws for precise application
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Precision Delivery System
Precision Delivery System Application Unit


The PDS is a hand-held microduster, designed to deliver small, precise amounts of dry flowable formulations into voids, cracks and crevices. It allows PMPs to work quickly, accurately and precisely in their dry flowable applications.

doxem icon CSI Dry Flowables

CSI dry flowables are specifically designed to flow through the PDS, penetrating deep into cracks and crevices where pests live and breed.

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Doxem Precise
PDS Holster

holster icon THE HOLSTER

The PDS holster is designed with the PMP in mind. Its durable design allows for convenient storing of the PDS unit, bait and applicators while between applications.

applicator icon THE APPLICATORS

The precision applicators, plastic and steel, allow for application in areas that the competitve product simply cannot reach or apply treatment.

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PDS Applicators