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PDS Featuring Doxem Precise PowerPoint

The Precision Delivery System Presentation

The Precision Delivery System Featuring Doxem® Precise PowerPoint presentation empowers you with valuable information to help you be an effective resource on the next BIG THING in professional pest management.

Downloadable Whitepapers

PDS Featuring Doxem Precise Whitepaper

Doxem® Precise and the Precision Delivery System

This document includes a brief history of the challenges the pest control industry has faced when it comes to cockroach gel baits. CSI's mission is to change the industry with a ground-breaking dry flowable bait with long-lasting residual and placement into areas never before reached.

Doxem Precise Research Summary TAMU Efficacy

Doxem® Precise Research Summary TAMU Efficacy

Efficacy of 3 rates of Doxem Precise on 3 public health cockroaches. CSI entomologists wanted to determine the amount of bait needed to control each of 3 species of cockroaches of public health importance. This information was used to determine application rates for Doxem Precise.

Doxem Precise Research Summary Longevity Snell

Doxem® Precise Research Summary Longevity Snell

Efficacy of Doxem® Precise after indoor aging events. CSI entomologists wanted to determine how long an application of Doxem Precise would be effective once applied.

CSI Academy

CSI Academy

What is it?

CSI Academy is an incentivized product training program covering several key CSI products in a self-guided learning experience that takes only about 30-45 minutes.

Who is invited?

Pest Management Professionals and participating distributor reps.

When is it?

January 2020

Where is it?

Visit to register and take the training.

What's in it for me?

High-quality, professional product training that will boost your comfort & confidence with some of CSI's best solutions! You will earn a $50 gift card after you complete the required training modules and score 80% or better on the quizzes.

Earn on-the-go!

CSI Academy is mobile-friendly and works any time, anywhere!

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